Buy modded GTA 5 account PS4 and become rich instantly

You recently started playing GTA but they quickly kill you and nothing works? Or are you just going to launch the game for the first time and want to be as prepared as possible for all the gaming difficulties? Or, maybe you're just wondering how to play as efficiently as possible?

Features of game and character leveling

Players who enter GTA 5 online for the first time have questions like, “Where to start? What tactics is the best? How to interact with other players?”. The questions are quite logical because the multiplayer version is significantly different from the traditional GTA 5. Below are tips that will help you earn a lot of money and reputation in the shortest possible time.

First car issue

At the beginning of the game, you should never take the first car that comes across. You will have to live with it until you get a new one. Your first car is equipped with a special sensor and will appear at you every time you enter the game or revive a character after death or arrest. The first car has this sensor for free, but in the future, you will have to buy this device for cars that you want to make your own. Also note that at the beginning of the game, you will not be able to take a cool racing car. The choice of available vehicles is very limited so you need to approach the issue carefully. Car insurance is a very good solution. This is not cheap but it is clearly worth the money spent.

Car theft

If for some reason you decide to play alone, steal cars. They can be sold for 3-9 thousand bucks. On average, in the long run, this activity will bring you around five thousand per car. The more intact the car you bring, the more money you get. Remember that there is no demand for expensive sports cars, while SUVs and coupes cost very good money. Sedans and small cars are generally not that expensive. You can sell one car per day, i.e. in about 45 minutes of playing time. Another way to raise money for cars is to do deals with Simeon Yetarian, who periodically orders certain brands of cars. Check your phone more often. He should also bring the cars safe and sound.

Shop heist

Robbing shops is a good way to make money. However, it is riskier than cars. First of all, you need to buy a mask on Vespucci Beach. It will protect you from being recognized in this place in the future. The best targets for heist are large shops outside of Los Santos. They accumulate more revenue than small shops. Some vendors can shoot you in the back, so you need to keep them at gunpoint and not turn away for more than 2 seconds. Remember that killing a vendor gives you one more wanted star than if the vendor remains alive.

Survival game

After reaching level 15, the survival mode becomes available. This is a kind of mini-quest. You team up with three gamers and fight off enemies that attack you in waves. Survival mode is a good option to accumulate currencies, as well as increase your reputation and boost your shooting skills. If you hold out 7 waves you will be given 8,000, 8 attacks 14,000, 10 attacks will bring you as much as 20,000. The number of reputation points is determined based on the number of killed opponents. The simplest and most promising location in terms of earning money is the building in the aircraft graveyard. You just need to climb onto its roof and shoot mobs from four sides.

To increase shooting points, you need to take headshots more often. Drive close to but not touch other vehicles to improve driving points. Another option is to drive in the oncoming lane. To improve your flying skill, you need to fly as high as possible or under bridges.

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